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2015 Honda Fit LX Review

2015 Honda Fit LX | Fit For Life

2015 Honda Fit LX Exterior Side View

Because your life demands the best of both worlds, you deserve everything that is offered by the 2015 Honda Fit LX. With luxurious touches on the inside, a compact 4-door exterior and more room than you would expect, this Honda has got everyone re-thinking how they view cars.

Step inside to the wondrous space of the 5-seat interior. With its many luxurious touches, such as the heated front seats, power windows, and a driver-focused design, you just might forget that you are in a car. As well as being comfortable, the 2015 Honda Fit LX is also intelligent. Features such as the available 7” display audio system allows you to control your audio, display other advanced systems so that you are always in touch and in control. On the outside, elegant and innovative design has brought this Honda into the future. With a body coloured rear roofline spoiler you will be navigating through traffic with smooth edges and eye-catching composure. The aggressively smooth stance is found along the entire profile of the car, enhancing its presence on the road.

With its peppy engine you will be sure to experience efficiency without sacrificing performance. Thanks to Earth Dreams and the technology behind it, you will pack impressive horsepower in the 2015 Honda Fit LX and be privilege to nimble handling and responsiveness.

2015 Engine:
1.5L 16-valve Direct Injection DOHC i-VTEC® 4-cylinder: 130 horsepower and 114 lb-ft of torque

Where else can you find the ride of your lifetime in a vehicle that doesn’t take up more space than necessary but that still impresses with power and efficiency than in the 2015 Honda Fit LX. Not only does this vehicle take you where you need to go and comfort you along the way, it also protects you during your journey. Honda incorporates some of the highest levels of safety features so that you can have peace-of-mind while driving. The next-generation Advanced Compatibility Engineering II body structure disperses frontal impact to protect the occupants. Other safety features include hill start assist, which helps to maintain brake pressure when starting on a hill to prevent rollback. Drive home in the vehicle from Marv Jones Honda that is the right fit for your life.’

Jason Mathot

Marv Jones Honda

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