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2016 Honda Civic EX | Sleek and Sophisticated | Maple Ridge, BC

Hi, Jessica from Marv Jones Honda, Home of the No Bull Experience. Behind me is a 2016 Honda Civic EX. It’s not black. It’s burgundy. It comes with alloy wheels as well as LED daytime running lights.

If you want to follow me over here, as part of our No Bull Experience, I do have the CarProof with me. It is accident-free, no damage, local vehicle just traded-in. It has just under 15,000 kilometres on it.

If you want to follow me over here, proximity keyless entry, so as long as keys’ are on you or near you, you can get inside the vehicle. You do have your Bluetooth, volume and cruise control buttons on the steering wheel. It’s push button start so you just have to have your foot on the brake, one little touch and you are ready to go.

Follow me on to the other side and hop in. It does have a backup camera with three different views. You have your Wide View, Narrow View and Top-Down View. You also have a Lane Watch camera, so it helps with blind spots on the passenger side. As soon as you turn your right indicator on, the camera will come up, so cyclists sneak up on you or pedestrians, then you have a better view on that side of the vehicle.

You have heated seats. It’s a Dual Climate so you can have a different temperature on the passenger side than the driver side which is kind of nice. I’m always freezing cold so I adjust the temperature quite high. Heated seats, as I said and it comes with an electronic parking brake, super easy to use once you get used to it. You have brake holds so if you come to a complete stop, as long as the brake hold is on you can take your foot off the brake, kind of nice.

You have your Econ mode button, takes a little bit of power away from the engine that gives you better fuel economy.

It does come with Apple Car Play or Android Auto. If you have an iPhone or an Android and you plug in your USB cord, your whole phone comes up on your screen, so it’s nice, you can use your maps or access your contacts, your music, all from the screen up here.

Lots of room in the back seat, it has a console that comes down in the middle there so perfect if you have kids or tall passengers, it’s quite roomy back there. You have the SunRoof as well, opens completely or has the tilt feature.

That’s basically about it. It’s a great price for a great car so as you know. Honda Civics are number 1 best-selling car 19 years in a row which is quite amazing. If you are interested, shoot me an email at jessica.landriault@marvjoneshonda.com or give us a call at 604-465-5464. Thanks for watching, see you next time!

Sales Team
Marv Jones Honda

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