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Apple CarPlay Tutorial

Apple CarPlay Tutorial | Marv Jones Honda

Honda vehicles come equipped with Apple CarPlay, which makes accessing information through your iPhone or Android device much easier. This system is straightforward to use and allows you to focus on driving while staying connected.

Apple CarPlay is simple to access. You just plug your phone in and select Always Enable. When your phone comes up on the screen, you can do just about anything you would be able to with it in your hand. Listen to text messages and respond, call people or even get directions to your destination. Many Honda base models don’t come equipped with navigation, but now your phone can provide this feature on the vehicle’s screen.

Honda AppleCarPlay

For those who like to use Siri, they can ask their questions and find the answers on the screen. This system also comes equipped with HondaLink, which is a safety feature provided in all Honda models. If you’re involved in an accident, the phone connects you to emergency service and dispatches your location to have help on the way immediately. You can also use it to set service appointments from the vehicle.

Apple CarPlay enhances your enjoyment of any Honda vehicle. To learn more about this system and to see the latest models in inventory, visit Marv Jones Honda today. With a promise of No Bull, we provide the best prices on the top vehicles.

Jason Mathot
Marv Jones Honda

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