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Corrosion Control

When you buy a new vehicle, you are proud of the way it looks and want to show it off to your friends. If you invest in a product to protect the paint job, you can continue to be proud of the way it looks. Marv Jones Honda offers corrosion control to prevent rust from damaging your vehicle.

Rust Protection

Platinum Shield protects your vehicle from rust inside out or outside in with a one-time application. It also protects from surface rust that can cause corrosion. Factors that cause rust and corrosion include extreme heat or cold, UV rays, ice and snow, rain, humidity, and road pollutants.

Rust Inhibitor Spray Protection is a waterproof product that bonds to the metal in your vehicle. The product is applied in between the outside and inside panels with no runs or drips. Platinum Shield Undercoat Protection provides protection for under your vehicle where rust can cause damage over time. Because it is pliable and seals against moisture, it won’t peel, chip, or crack.

Undercoat Protection

Not only do you protect your vehicle with this corrosion protection, you help reduce noise and provide insulation Keep your paint vibrant and clear with the right protection. To find out more about corrosion protection and care for your vehicle, talk to the staff at Marv Jones Honda.

Jason Mathot
Marv Jones Honda

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