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Meet Raymond Chastkavich | Product Advisor

My names Raymond Chastkavich, I’m a Product Advisor here in Marv Jones Honda in Maple Ridge! Initially, I was selling John Deere farm machinery so coming to an automotive type business like it is was in BC here was eye-opening.

The kind of things that could happen in the industry and of course always having to deal with it after I was used to having to have a No Bull idea because I had to live with my customers after their machine had to stay in business, in the field, it had to be working. Couldn’t make promises you couldn’t keep so this industry has changed to that degree.


I mean, now we see people feel that they can do the shopping at the end they still have to sit in the car and drive it. It doesn’t come to them they still need the personal touch from the salespeople. The NoBull thing is here being a straight forward as we can with the client’s there’re no real surprises. They know what they’re getting. Our job, duty is to make sure that we make it simple for the customer they go away with a pleasant experience and keep coming back.

Raymond Chastkavich, here at Marv Jones Honda, love to see you at the dealership!