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Our Referral Program

1977 Honda Civic (500 x 333)

What is the Referral Program?

The Referral Program is a program where past customers can refer our dealership to their friends, family, co-workers and other car shoppers, and earn $100 each time their referral purchases a vehicle.

How does it work?

Simply refer the customer to the dealership and if that customer mentions the referral program and that you sent them, when they purchase a vehicle, you get $100.

Marv Jones Honda Who is eligible?

If you have purchased a vehicle at Marv Jones Honda, you are eligible for the Referral Program.

Proud to hail from Maple Ridge and proud to serve our customers from near and far, Marv Jones Honda believes in a No Bull buying experience. After all, it’s the way we do business. Whether you’re working with our sales team on finding a vehicle that was made for you, getting a great deal in the finance department, or you’re having your vehicle serviced after the sale, our team never stops working to provide exceptional customer service.

Over its history the referral program has paid out thousands of dollars. It not only demonstrates that we care about our customers, but it speaks volumes about our customers’ experience with the dealership.

Marv Jones Honda customers can becomes part of the referral program by referring their family, friends, and other car shoppers. The customer who gives the referral receives $100 if the person they recommended purchases a vehicle from us.

With our lowest price guarantee, you always win. Now you can take it one step further with our Referral Program. Visit Marv Jones Honda today to learn more!

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